Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Watch our virtual tour. And watch this video from Ben and Nathan. The first step for most students is to start drilling.

What's drilling?

The Demon’s AI tailors questions to your ability level, giving you questions that aren’t too easy or too hard. With our AI, you’ll study smarter, understand your weaknesses, and improve faster.

How do I keep up with events?

We host daily classes and events in Zoom. You can register and try out classes at any stage of your LSAT prep. Add our event calendars to your calendar:

Basic: PacificMountainCentralEastern

Premium: PacificMountainCentralEastern

Live: PacificMountainCentralEastern

Please RSVP in the Demon to join these events. Go to Events > [your subscription level] > [day of the week] > [event name]. You’ll then be redirected to a Zoom registration page.

We post syllabi for some classes in the Demon.

What if I get stuck on a question?

Hit the ASK button! A Demon tutor will email you within 24 hours. Want to work with a tutor one-on-one? Find them here.

LSAC Fee Waiver discounts?

With a valid LSAC fee waiver, you can get four months of our Demon Basic plan for $30. Or get 20% off our monthly Premium or Live plans. To redeem one of these offers, sign up for a free trial account. Then, email a PDF of your fee waiver to help@lsatdemon.com and specify what plan you’d like.

Why am I getting repeat questions in Demon Free?

Our free version only draws from two tests because of LSAC licensing. This “marketing license” allows us to give you 101 logical reasoning questions, 8 reading comprehension passages, and 8 logic games in Demon Free. If you’ve done all of these questions, then you’ll likely get repeats. In Demon Basic and above, we have thousands of LR questions, hundreds of RC passages, and hundreds of games.

The Demon isn’t working. Help?

Try private browsing in Safari or incognito mode in Chrome. Reset your browser and empty its cache. Lastly, turn off default ad blockers. If problems persist, email help@lsatdemon.com.

Why can’t I get to level 5 on games?

Difficulty level is on a scale of 1-5. It's hard to get a difficulty rating above 4 in games. When you do level 5 games, easier questions in those games bring down the average.